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Hotel Bedroom Entrance


Bed Bug Treatment

Regions Pest offers the most complete bed bug program in the industry with our development of BedBugElite. We are so confident in our BedBugElite program that we guarantee our bed bug service for one year. BedBugElite can also be used as a preventive bed bug treatment.


In today’s professional environment bed bugs are not tolerated. No company is immune to bed bug infestations –even the finest hotels have or will fight this pest.


Bed Bugs can quickly become an infestation. These pest travel through wall voids, ceiling voids, plumbing chases and electrical outlets.

Regions Pest is proud to exclusively offer-BedBugElite℠ PreEmptive


A protocol that employs research on

bed bug behavior along with product and procedure efficacy in order to proactively control bed bugs.

  • Comprehensive Inspection

  • Primary and secondary rooms

  • Complete crack & crevice treatments

  • Kills bed bugs & bed bugs eggs 

  • Patented Technology

  • Defined Treatments℠

  • Mattress and box-springs treatments

  • Fast knockdown

  • Night stands and dressers

  • Furniture

  • Drapes and curtains

  • Follow-up service

  • Industry Leading - One Year Warranty

  • Detailed Bed Bug Inspection Reports through Our Proprietary System  

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