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We firmly believe our passion for customer service drives all other aspects of our business. From the President/CEO to the newest employee, customer service becomes the ultimate force behind our culture.


When customers come first, there is never any doubt in the decision making process. Within Regions Pest, customer satisfaction is never sacrificed for profit.

Focused around customer service, we have a very specific direction for each employee: education, loyalty, work ethic, positive attitude, community involvement, honesty, and to take a scientific approach to our service.

Regions Pest has the desire to be your most valued partner. Our goal is to set the standard for all other service companies. Our dedication to customer service and protecting you, will guide us while achieving this goal.


Regions Pest understands there is something slipping away from the service industry, and that is pride in service. Mergers of companies, multi-levels of management, and high employee turnover have become industry standards. Bottom line profits are controlling service, instead of quality service controlling the bottom line.Regions Pest simply believes in serving our customers, loyalty to our employees, and being a leader in the pest prevention and inspection industry.

Lynette Ogburn

Founder & President
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