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Tenant Satisfaction Through Reliable Pest Prevention 

As a property manager or owner, your number one objective is to satisfy your tenants. Your tenant’s number one objective is to satisfy their customers. Pest issues can interrupt this delicate balance. Regions Pest ensures your property is pest free through our defined treatment programs.

Year-Round Proactive Pest Prevention Programs

Regions Pest will have programs calculated for year-round pest prevention. As the seasons change, so will our services. Regions Pest is devoted to being proactive. Staying ahead of a pest issue is the best way to guarantee pest prevention.

Industrial Building

Occasional invaders such as crickets can invade facilities in massive numbers. Regions Pest has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to treat such invasions.


Termites can be a major issue to you and your clients. Not only can termites damage or destroy parts of your building but can be very destructive to your client’s personal property. Regions Pest uses the most advanced products and techniques in our termite services.


Every property is bar coded - allowing for a date and time stamp for each service. Service tickets are delivered via email. After your service technician completes all information the service report can be auto emailed to any individual.

Birds are one of nature’s greatest pleasures but can be destructive in certain situations. Regions Pest has many methods and products to solve bird issues.

Flies are not only an annoyance, they are able to carry bacteria to food and food prep areas with ease. When a food handling facility has flies, they have a food safety problem and are exposing their customers to health risks.


EcoReady℠ is a thought process and culture using IPM techniques as the foundation. Regions Pest uses all methods including; education, biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, trends, and chemical in our customized systems.


Push Reporting

Instant Communication

All inspections can be automatically reviewed by any party. This includes plant operations, corporate and executives. If the appropriate actions are not taken on any given documented deficiency, the next level of management is notified. This unique feature allows for complete compliance.  


Premier Customer Portal

24/7 Complete Portal

The Regions Pest Premier Customer Portal is the foundation of our inspection & auditing services.

Robust reporting – with reports critical for commercial service and food safety inspections, Automated e-mail alerts, Graphical device and area trend reports, Material application reporting and deficiency reporting.


AuditComplete℠ was designed specifically for inspected facilities. Inspected facilities obviously need a great pest prevention program, but you need a strong data management program as well. Many companies provide “pest control”, but fall short on the documentation, reporting, and pest prevention in your facility.

Data Cloud.webp

Service & Technology

Our Service is Backed by the Most Advanced Technology

Our reporting system is a combination of service & technology. Our reports are very accurate using documentation, high resolution pictures, video and audio descriptions with each area serviced, inspected or audited. Each inspection/audit is accessible through a designated link, making sharing of information easy. Each inspection/audit is available 24/7 and added to your customer portal.

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