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The Regions Pest Premier Customer Portal is the foundation of our pest prevention, inspection & auditing services.

Robust reporting – with reports critical for commercial service and food safety inspections, automated e-mail alerts, highly customizable look & feel for your brand, graphical device and area trend reports, Material application reporting and deficiency reporting

The Most Advanced Trend Analysis, Documentation & Data Management System



Training Records

We will provide in-house training and electronically file training records.


All pesticide labels and SDS are on file. Records are update with most recent manufactures information. Approved pesticide list is also stored in this area.

Service Request

Your service technician and Regions Pest’s management team are automatically notified 24/7.

Corrective Actions

Regions Pest provides detailed conducive conditions reports with high quality resolution pictures. Your service technician is on their hands and knees, in ceilings, on roofs and under equipment so they can spot issues you may not easily find.

Trend Analysis

Create reports to identify and eliminated pest activity. Reports are also reviewed for conducive condition, corrective actions, and device activity in graphical form.

Automated Emails

All inspections can be automatically reviewed by any party. This includes plant operations, corporate and executives. If the appropriate actions are not taken on any given documented deficiency, the next level of management is notified. This unique feature allows for complete compliancy.  

Robust Reporting

Every portion of your facility will be electronically monitored, this will allow for instant reporting. These reports can show past services, including products used which are linked to labels and SDS, devices, conducive conditions, corrective actions all with a specific date range.

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Service Reports

All service reports are electronic and stored in chronological order. Recording the smallest detail.

Site Maps

Detailed facility map with; interior rodent devices, exterior rodent devices, insect light traps, temporary devices, and pheromone monitoring devices are up to date with each service.

QA Inspections

Your service technician is on their hands and knees, in ceilings, on roofs and under equipment so they can spot issues you may not easily find.


All registration and regulatory certificates, including but not limited to: Insurance, State Licenses, GMP Training, Certified Applicators, Technician Licenses, and Business License.

Wriiten IPM Program

Regions Pest will create a customized written IPM program. The IPM program will incorporate the requirements of your facility. We will implement this program through the training of your staff.  Bird and wildlife managent are part of the written IPM program.

Annual & Quarterly Assessments

Facility assessments will evaluate the interior and exterior of your property.  We will assess the effectiveness of the IPM program, corrective actions, and all documents.

Pesticide Usage Log

Product name, EPA registration number, target pest, rate of application, specific location, method of application, amount of product used, date, time, and signature of applicator are documented with each product application.

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