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folding attic ladder. Wooden pull down attic folding stairs in small hallway, space saving


Mice and rats are a problem when they find their way indoors. They like to be near humans so that they have a ready supply of food. This has earned them the term "commensal," which means "to share one's table."



Rats & mice can easily chew through siding and other building materials. They are also known to chew on electrical lines, thereby increasing the possibility of fire.


Rodents can carry up to thirty-five diseases that humans are susceptible to, which is another reason to set up rodent prevention as soon as possible.


Mice only need a hole the size of a dime, and rats need a hole the size of a quarter to enter a building. 



Includes interior and exterior service. Follow-up service(s). Rodent equipment.
Homes under 5,000 square feet with ladder access to attic(s).

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