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SFE Fly Program

Flies are not only an annoyance, they are able to carry bacteria to food and food prep areas with ease. When a food handling facility has flies, they have a food safety problem.


Regions Pest is proud to offer our exclusive Systematic Fly Elimination program. Our SFE℠ program is designed to eliminate all fly life stages.

  • Remove debris and organic matter

  • Environmental Changes

  • Drain Service

  • Microbial and IGR foam under equipment

  • IGR treatment around drink dispensers

  • Microbial and IGR treatment of trash cans

  • Microbial and IGR foam treatment under coolers

  • Foam treatment along exterior of pipes and soda lines

  • Microbial and IGR foam treatment under prep areas

  • Microbial and IGR foam treatment under bar

  • Adulticide treatment

  • Install Insect Light Traps

  • Install Parasitic Wasp release stations

  • Dumpster treatment

  • Setup Fly Bait Stations

  • Detailed deficiency reports

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