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Bed Bug Lawsuits

Bed bugs are now in the top 5 of claims

Regions Pest is proud to exclusively offer-BedBugElite℠ Pre-Emptive


A protocol that employs research on bed bug behavior along with product and procedure efficacy in order to proactively control bed bugs and protect your brand.

BedBugElite℠ Pre-Emptive

Protecting Yourself & Your Brand

Rooms can be back on market same day
Controlling new, inconspicuous infestations before they spread can avoid more extensive and lengthy treatments .....and most importantly customer complaints​​

Reinforced with education, dedication, the right tools, and the right chemistry

Protects brand and reputation


Budget friendly – No unbudgeted expenses


Find issues before your guests

Convenient for your staff


Entire facility approach  


Multiple modes of action



Once per year application


Treatments scheduled around checkout​

Truly proactive 


Reduce bed bug establishment

24/7 availability

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