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Embrace Eco-Friendly Pest Control Culture

EcoReady℠ is a thought process and culture using IPM techniques as the foundation. Regions Pest uses all methods including; education, biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, and trends in our customized systems.

We start with a complete inspection, create pest thresholds, outline treatments steps, electronic monitoring, evaluating and assessing pest activity or damage, specific requirements,  and embrace a “non-chemical” approach first.

Free In-House Training 

  • Posting notices for pest prevention applications and services

  • Build a strong relationship with the facility

  • Your e-log book will include;written IPM program, agreement, credentials, certificate of insurance, pest sighting log, approved products list, annual assessments, quarterly reviews, service request, Q.A. inspections, corrective actions, service reports, pesticide usage log, up to date site maps, trend analysis, graphs, labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • EcoReady℠ Action plan - outlining the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels of action to be taken when a pest issue has been identified

  • Use natural prevention methods when possible- an example would be parasitic wasp for fly prevention

  • Preventing indoor pests with reduced impact methods and materials

  • Indoor treatments target specific locations and species - no broadcast applications are made indoors

  • Routine inspections, monitoring, and documentation are staples of our EcoReady℠ program

  • Pest population monitoring with trend analysis

  • Inspection reports identifying structural, sanitation, and mechanical concerns

  • We are a paperless organinzation - Keeping with a true eco-friendly platform

  • LEED Compliant

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